7 Steps to Safety

The 7 Steps to Safety program has been developed by the MTA as an easy to understand guide to ensure our members meet their safety obligations and protect their workers and business under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA).

The 7 Steps to Safety resource is available to MTA members and is based on a SafeWork SA guide to health and safety for small business.

It can also be utilised to construct a more comprehensive version in relation to larger businesses.

This easy to understand resource sets out a practical seven step approach to help you meet your legal obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA).

The practical seven step approach involves:

  1. Management commitment - in defining health and safety responsibilities and providing the resources to meet those responsibilities
  2. Effective consultation - with workers on health and safety issues
  3. Managing hazards - in the workplace
  4. Informing, Training and Supervising - of workers
  5. Maintaining a safe workplace – using effective tools
  6. Keeping WHS records – the importance of documentation
  7. Monitoring , Reviewing and Improving – ensuring the effectiveness of the system on an ongoing basis

With the implementation of these seven steps, combined with the maintenance of WHS records, an employer will be able to demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure a safe workplace.

MTA can also assist members with the printing of the employer’s logo on the various forms, if required.

Cost: $99.95 (member only service)

To enquire about the 7 Steps to Safety resource for your workplace please contact us on 8291 2000 or email wr@mtasant.com.au.

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Download the 7 Steps to Safety flyer for a printable copy.